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We Make it EASY to Actually MEET Like-Minded People – In PERSON at an Event
This is NOT a “Look at pictures/read profiles/arrange phone calls/then decide if you want to meet dating site”

What we AREN’T – Your other choices

Hang out at bars or “meetup” venues and hope

Join a dating or matchmaker site

Stay alone

Likely scenario

You will be bored or scared, very little else

They will pressure you to sign up NOW

Not much fun


Noisy and frantic

  • Pick a picture
  • Just keep looking
  • Keep paying us


Potential “dates”

Mixed bag – typically includes married people, desperate/ dishonest people

Anybody who likes your picture and thinks you might be interested


What people you will meet looking for

  • One-night stand
  • Someone to “save” them
  • A replacement mom or dad

Someone to keep them company and “fix” them and make them happy


Likely Success Rate

Minimal in the short term, virtually none in the longer term

TINY percentage of the total number of people using them


What they do for you

Sell you all the food and drink you can pay for

  • Put up your picture
  • Take your money
  • Sell your information to list brokers


Symbol Single is dedicated to taking the mystery and fear out of face-to-face encounters and help our clients in their search to be “single no more”

We are a membership organization that will help you meet real people who have similar interests – especially being sincere about looking for one special someone

  • We let YOU decide who YOU might want to meet and let YOU arrange a get-together – simply by picking an event – one of ours or one from our list of fun things to do – and invite
  • At your meeting, both of you Just look for someone with some of our Symbol Single gear. If either of you see that you DON’T want to meet the other, just remove your Symbol Single identifier and let us know WHY. We’ll remove you from their access.
  • Your privacy is ALWAYS protected because we don’t have a picture gallery and NO ONE CAN EVER ACCESS YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ON OUR DATABASE.
How SymbolSingle Works:
  1. FIRST – Come to one of our sponsored events, always held at upscale social venues – NO CHARGE
  2. Meet us and see how our database works for our members – and how it might work for YOU!
  3. You’ll also be able to see our fabulous Symbol Single gear – from jewelry to hoodies – and maybe even win some!
  4. Get the whole story about our sponsored events and “approved” events

If you’re interested in becoming a member – we’ll show you how Symbol Single works

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